Two Lives, Vikram Seth

National Book Critics' Circle Award Nominee

For years Vikram Seth intended to write a book about his beloved Indian great uncle Shanti, and to that end interviewed him extensively. Two Lives is the result, partly the story of Seth's own early life, and partly the remarkable story of Shanti who studied medicine and dentistry in Germany and there met the woman he would later marry, Henny, the younger daughter of the German Jewish family with whom he boarded. Their lives spanned the 20th century and were shaped by its tumultuous events. A unique picture of history from the British Raj through the Third Reich and the Holocaust to the postwar world in India and the West, Two Lives is fueled by meticulous research and intense emotion.

Praise for Two Lives:

“Eloquent and elegiac…An intricate study of the way lives and worlds can intertwine.” -- Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Seth has few equals as a literary technician…His quiet tone has cumulative power as it leads us back in time from suburban calm to the death chambers of Birkenau.” -- New Yorker

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