The Fizzy Whiz Kid, Maiya Williams

BookSense Pick

International Reading Association Intermediate Fiction Award

Southern California Booksellers’ Association Children’s Book Prize

Mitchell Mathis’s family doesn’t own a TV and, in the world of Hollywood and the Cecil B. DeMille Elementary School, this makes him a freak—the only ordinary kid in a school of the powerful and famous. There’s Skywalker Ortega, whose parents are special effects gurus, Julia Jodie Schwartz, named after her agent father’s two highest-earning clients, and Dash Silverman, whose parents write the movies that everyone else seems to have memorized. Trying to fit in, Mitch goes to a casting call, where he ends up being cast in a commercial that launches a popular catchphrase. Suddenly he’s on TV, signing autographs, and riding in limos. But when the ad starts getting negative attention, and he doesn’t have time for his old friends and interests, fame doesn’t seem like so much fun anymore. He’ll need all his “acting” skills—and the help of his Hollywood-savvy classmates—to figure out how to go back to being an ordinary kid.

Praise for The Fizzy Whiz Kid:

“The fast-paced plot and smooth transition from everyday life to fantasy adventure make this a good choice for reluctant readers.” —School Library Journal

“Fast-paced historical hi-jinks . . .” —VOYA

“Vivid . . . deftly combines fantasy and historical fiction . . . It’s a trip well worth the time.” — New York Times Book Review

“Action-packed and laden with good-natured humor, Williams’s tale is a journey worth taking.” — Publishers Weekly

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