Fraud, David Rakoff

From "This American Life" alum David Rakoff comes this hilarious collection that single-handedly raises self-deception to an art form. Whether impersonating Sigmund Freud in a department store window during the holidays, climbing an icy mountain in cheap loafers, or learning primitive social skills in the wilds of New Jersey, Rakoff clearly demonstrates how he doesn’t belong—nor does he try to.  

In his debut collection of essays, Rakoff uses his razor-sharp wit and snarky humor to deliver a barrage of damaging blows that, more often than not, land squarely on his own jaw—hilariously satirizing the writer, not the subject.  The Baltimore Sun said that “for all the self-flagellating humor and vicious, if dead-on observations, there are moments in this book when Rakoff picks at the scabs of his insecurities, and what gushes forth is pure poetry.  If you love the personal essay, you’ll love David Rakoff’s musings.”   

Praise for Fraud:

“Combining journalistic tenacity, literary smarts, and a talent for gut-busting one-liners Rakoff reports on his wilted salad days. . . His blend of withering wit and self-effacing humor makes these essays soar” -- Entertainment Weekly

“Rakoff knows the incantatory power of a story well-told, the art of keeping words aloft like the bubbles in a champagne flute. He possesses the wit of a ‘30s screwball comedy ingénue, a vocabulary that is a treasure chest of mots justes, impressive, but most times not too showy for everyday wear.” – Los Angeles Times

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