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Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese say Goodbye  is a B&N Discovery Selection for Spring 2015.

“Marie Mockett has taken the most spectacular catastrophe of our era and used it to teach us astonishing things about faith, perseverance and the mysteries of the soul.

Her journey through personal grief and the devastation of Japan after the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster brings us into a sacred space. With this book, Marie Mockett brought me into the high drama of the tsunami, through her most personal landscape and into the awe of the eternal.” —Luis Alberto Urrea, Pulitzer finalist for The Devil's Highway

Richly layered in culture and insight, Mockett takes us on a compelling and illuminating journey of the heart and soul.”—Gail Tsukiyama, author of A Hundred Flowers

“This book speaks to my heart. Grief is part of what it means to be human, and Marie Mutsuki Mockett’s book models an approach to grief, an attitude of courage, curiosity and inquiry that is our birthright, as humans, wherever we happen to be born. Read it. You will be uplifted.”

Ruth Ozeki, Zen priest, author of A Tale for the Time Being

"A beautiful tale that is part evocative travelogue and part lyrical mediation on grief, this soulful and haunting book made me cry in a way I like to cry when reading a good book.  Where the Dead Pause, and the Japanese Say Goodbye will resonate with anyone who has lost a loved one, a homeland or a home and hoped for healing on the other side." —Heidi W. Durrow New York Times best-selling author of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

“What a remarkable and moving book about traveling from one land to another, and learning different ways of coming to terms with death amidst life.  Engrossing and powerful, it speaks volumes about the many ways people grieve and live.”

—Will Schwalbe, author of the New York Times Best Seller The End of Your Life Book Club

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Nonfiction writer Gilman (Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven) parlays her craft into an outstanding fiction debut, which follows an abrasive, unscrupulous protagonist from the 1910s to the early 1980s. In 1913, within months of arriving in New York City from her native Russia, young Malka Bialystoker is injured by a horse belonging to street vendor Salvatore Dinello. Deserted by her unstable mother and shiftless father, Malka is taken in by the Dinello clan out of a sense of guilt. Coping with a now-deformed right leg, she sheds her Jewish heritage in favor of her adoptive family’s Italian ethnic identity, complete with a new name: Lillian Maria Dinello. The Dinellos never fully accept her, however, and after she has reached early adulthood, they pointedly exclude her from their fledgling ice cream business. In retaliation she, along with her new husband, Albert Dunkle, begins a rival company. Lillian, a ruthless, hard-drinking businesswoman behind closed doors, in public provides a friendly, wholesome face for the increasingly successful Dunkle’s Famous Ice Cream. Gilman’s numerous strengths are showcased, such as character-driven narrative, a ready sense of wit, and a rich historical canvas, in this case based on the unlikely subject of the 20th-century American ice cream industry. Agent: Irene Skolnick, Irene Skolnick Literary Agency. (June)

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Reviewed on: 03/31/2014 
Release date: 06/10/2

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